What is Eloping?

Eloping is as quoted from the dictionary as to ''run away in secret to get married''. This was what elopements were hundreds of years ago, but nowadays, this is no longer the case. Weddings can fall into two camps big grand wedding days or small and intimate weddings and elopements. Eloping is becoming more popular each year, with more couples deciding to get married away from home.

Eloping History, where did it begin?

Many people outside the UK immediately think of Las Vegas when they hear the word eloping, but Elopements started in Scotland.

In a little village called Gretna Green, just across the border from Scotland was where eloping started. In England in 1754, a new marriage act came into law, this law meant that anyone wanting to get married under 21 would need parental consent.

Because of this, many young people fled to Gretna Green to get married in Scotland. As in Scotland, this law didn't apply. The blacksmiths of Gretna became whats knows as 'anvil priests', the people could legally marry any couple. The tradition is sewn into the heart of Gretna where it continues to this day. On average around 4000 couples still choose to have their elopement wedding in Gretna Green. 

What Is Eloping?

As mentioned previously, eloping means to run away and get married in secret. They really need to update this. Eloping now means getting married somewhere away from home, in a small or intimate ceremony. You can have guests and elopement weddings, some couples still like to do it on their own. Others bring there nearest and dearest families, the people who matter most to them. Not there cousin, twice removed who you haven't seen since you were kids.

Many couples will choose to elope but then plan a big celebration, usually a party at home so everyone can help celebrate their marriage. This gives you the best of both worlds whilst saving some money.

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Why do people elope?

Every couple will have their own reason to choose to elope. Some couples don't want to be pressured into a big wedding day that family members expect them to have because of tradition. Others find it easier to elope because of bad blood or family politics getting in the way of the wedding they dream of.

A few other reasons are because the couple wants to run away just themselves and get married in an epic location. Knowing that a big wedding just can't give them this experience. For example in Scotland you can elope anywhere you have permission to be, you can get married by the side of a Loch or, on top of a mountain, the choice is yours! 

Budget can be another deciding factor to elope, big weddings can be costly. Some couples may not have the money to have a big wedding, others want to use that money for other things in life, perhaps a house or a fantastic honeymoon. 

No matter the reason for wanting to elope, elopement weddings are so incredibly intimate due to the wedding's size. Everything at an elopement is there for a reason.

Elopement Ceremonies.

Eloping allows a couple to feel free on their wedding to make the best choices representing them and their lifestyles. Elopement ceremonies in Scotland require two witnesses and a celebrant to make it official. This celebrant can be council registar, minister or humanist celebrant. Each of these different styles of ceremonies reflect the couple's beliefs. 

Lots of couples who elope want an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful part of the world. There are exceptions to this including at Gretna Green, the first and original location to elope in. Couples traditionally get married in the Blacksmiths shop where ceremonies have been happening for ceremonies. If you are getting married, outdoors time of the year can be a factor. Just remember that in the winter months there is less daylight and challenging weather. 

Eloping, what to consider.

If you are eloping no matter in the world, you need to do your research. Find a location you love and see if you can legally get married there. Lots of countries allow international couples to get married. You will find lots of helpful information online, including this guide for Scottish Elopements. You may need a visa and other paperwork from your country and the country you visit, so be sure to read all the available information at hand to make the process pain-free. 

If you decide to elope, rest assured that you are doing it for the right reasons. Getting to say your I do's how you want to will make your wedding extra special. I hope from asking the question What is eloping you now know all about it if its right for you both! Here is a in-depth guide for eloping in Scotland.

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