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Hi there, my Name is Cameron Pagan I am a Dumfries based wedding photographer available to shoot throughout Dumfries & Galloway, The UK and Destination Weddings too!

Being a wedding photographer in Dumfries and Galloway has opened my eyes to some of life’s most beautiful moments.

I got into photography from a young age, myself and my friends would always film and take pictures of us riding our bikes. Naturally progressed to college to study photography got my HND and after a few years of family pushing me in the right direction I started Hemera Visuals to deliver amazing dumfries photography services and the rest is history.I'm a firm believer in marriage, Shauni & Myself tie the knot May 2019. Wont be long in coming around.


- Engaged to my lovely fiance Shauni, we met at college 7 years ago she was studying graphic design!
- We've set the date for our own wedding May 2019.
- The adorable dog in the picture is our Westie, Hamish 4 years old and our world.
- A lover of the outdoors and travel – especially the mountains.
- Listaholic (not sure if this is a good thing)
- Always listening to music, people generally get a shock my diverse taste.