Laura & Fin | Loch Lomond Engagement Photography | Sunset in Balmaha.

A beautiful spring evening,the weather was just starting to warm up just nicely. Which meant we knew it was time for Laura + Fins Loch Lomond Engagement Photography Session to take place. We met in Balmaha on the banks of the iconic Loch Lomond. We chose the spot for it’s natural beauty and how close it was to us all. We made our way around the Loch, letting the sun get as low in the sky as possible. This allows for the most perfect quality of light what we refer to as Golden Hour. We chatted about their up and coming wedding and all their plans.

Luckily it wasn’t full tourist season yet so we had the place pretty much to ourselves apart from the odd tourist here and there. Looking forward to also being apart of their wedding day this September at Crossbasket Castle. If it’s anything like there Loch Lomond Engagement Photography session, its will be AMAZING!.


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