Hetland Hall Wedding | Biff and Owens Amazing Autumn Wedding

A Hetland Hall Wedding in the Autumn is seriously beautiful, all those colours in the air make for an incredible location to have your big day. I love the story of Biff and Owens first date going to get Ice Cream and how they decided that all their tables names at the wedding were named after different kinds of Ice Cream. I know at this point we would be friends for life, and my favourite flavour is always raspberry ripple!

We started the morning at Biff’s Parents house. I also found out how Elizabeth got the Nickname Biff was when she was younger her little sister couldn’t say Elizabeth and instead called her Biff which just stuck. The morning was full of laughter including Biffs Bridal Party holding her up outside! Leaving the house, we went onto their Hetland Hall Wedding venue. The ceremony was full of so much love and laughter, including Owen asking the Celebrant if she was alright which has everyone in hysterics. They shared a rusty nail drink in the quiach at the ceremony as a nod to Biffs papa as this was one of his favourite drinks in the world. A Rusty Nail is made by mixing Drambuie and Scotch whisky and was made famous by the Rat Pack in Las Vegas; I can tell you from the reaction off Biff & Owen drinking it was very very strong!

Autumn is a fantastic time for a wedding, mainly because Golden Hour (if it’s a clear day happens very early) and a Hetland Hall Wedding has always got an incredible view looking over the Solway Firth with Criffel nestled in the background and the sun setting just by its side. And for this day the sun was shining over them allowing us to capture some fantastic couples portraits with that warm and golden glow you don’t find at any other time of the year. What a pleasure it was to be apart of Biff & Owens beautiful wedding!


Venue : Hetland Hall

hetland hall wedding

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