Hi there my name is Cameron Pagan from Hemera Visuals. As a wedding photographer based in Dumfries, I get to see so many different weddings venues, and I love marquee weddings a lot. Below are just a few reasons why I love marquee wedding photographer.

1- Lots of light. Marquees Weddings let lots and lots of light into your ceremony/receptions venue which is such a fantastic thing for your images. The light coming through the roofs illuminates everyone and everything inside with a soft glow.

2 - Ample space: Due to their customisable layouts marquees allow you and your guest's ample space to mingle without feeling cramped. This freedom of space and layout makes our job perfect because we can shoot inside with an almost 360 scope to move around providing you with some great angles for your images.

3 . You get to choose your venue. All you need for a marquee wedding is a bit of space! This could be at home, on a farm or even a field. Field marquee sites have become increasingly popular and the best have something extra to offer, such as spectacular coastal or country views.

4. The come to light at night. I love seeing marquees weddings with lots of cool lighting being used; it transforms the space in the evening for when the main lights go down low and the evening festivities start dancing under festoon, and fairy lights look fantastic. I hope you found this advice useful if you are thinking of having a marquee wedding.

marquee wedding photographer

You can find some more great and useful information about all things marquees below from the fantastic Queensberry events.

Queensberry Events Marquee Hire

Here are a few more of my lovely weddings if you want to look through. Do weddings they way you want to do them, your vision your style! https://www.hemeravisuals.co.uk/galleries-weddings/

marquee wedding photographer

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