Mabie Forest Wedding | Abi & Martins Special Summer Elopement.

Abi & Martins Mabie Forest Wedding was the picture perfect day for May, Sun splitting the sky and very warm especially for the time of the year. Now Abi and Martin are from Oxford but love all things about exploring the Country especially Scotland. So upon one visit to the region, they stayed at Mabie House Hotel and thought this would be an excellent location for a wedding. Then the planning began for a special elopement bringing all their family from down south and a few other from far-flung areas to take part in the big day.

Even though they had Mabie forest wedding reception, they still wanted a church wedding so picked the cute little Southwick Parish church just 20 minutes down the Coast Road. The church has an iconic look made with the beautiful Dalbeattie Granite. Abi arrived down the Ailse, a piper playing in the distance and a few tears shed as she made her way to see her best friend and soulmate Martin at the Alter. The ceremony was full of beautiful readings and lots of love.

After the formal family photographs in front of the church, Abi & Martin headed back to their Mabie Forest Wedding in a cute little VW Bug Convertable, which happened to be the best choice for a 25 degree heat day in Scotland, practically a heatwave by our standards.

The rest of the day went without a hitch. Bird of prey display while mingling in the grounds of Mabie House Hotel we went off into the forest for their couples pictures and we had to do some bodyguard work when a playful pup came running for Abi making sure he couldn’t get his dirty paws all over her dress! Panic averted.

The couple danced their way through some Celiedh songs and none of their families being Scottish made is an experience they’ll never forget. We had a beautiful sunset in the garden and made the most of a few minutes just as it was setting behind the trees. I love becoming friends with my clients after weddings, and I know we will stay in touch!



mabie forest wedding

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