How long to plan an elopement wedding? So you have decided that you would like to elope. You want to run away just the two of you or perhaps with very close family and friends to witness your marriage ceremony. 

How long to plan your elopement depends on the type of elopement wedding your happening. Below we will cover the typical length recommended planning an elopement will take and a few caveats that may add or take away some of the time needed. 

Just the two of you eloping.

If it is just you and your partner eloping, taking on the whole world together as a couple, then you can get married in a relatively short amount of time. If you are from the UK and eloping in Scotland or going to Scotland, we could have everything planned within 4 to weeks. What takes the longest when eloping is the marriage paperwork. Your M10 Marriage form must be posted no later than 29 days before. Here is all the information regarding the marriage paperwork. This paperwork is submitted to the local country authority, i.e. Dumfries & Galloway Council.

For the smallest elopement wedding, you could get married in just over a month. After setting the date, speaking with the registrary office/ celebrant and choosing who will marry you. You can start to search for other suppliers you need. These include photographers like myself, videographers, hair and makeup and florists. 

How long to plan an elopement in the UK if you are travelling from abroad.

If you are coming to the UK from abroad the process is slightly longer with visas to fill out again, all the information is in the link above. The earliest you can apply for a UK Marriage Visa is three months before your wedding. The upside of this visa lets you stay in the UK for up to 6 months to travel, which is cool! 

Eloping with friends and family.

If you are eloping with friends and family, everything above is the same. You may need a little more time to make sure they can attend your wedding at such short notice. You'll also need to look into accommodation such as hotels or Airbnb if people are travelling far. 

No matter how big or small your elopement ceremony is, you can plan and execute all the details in just over four weeks. Here at Untamed Elopements, we can help plan your whole wedding day from finding exciting locations for you to get married in, prepare your wedding timeline and give excellent supplier recommendations. We are here to make the process of getting eloping fun and stress-free. Here is a link to our handy guide for eloping in Scotland.

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