Australian Scottish Elopement Wedding | Greig and Amanda Autumn at GGs Yard

When you get an email from an amazing couple wanting to discuss their Australian + Scottish Elopement Wedding you take notice. Greig, who is originally from Aberdeen but now lives in Australia with his lovely fiance Amanda decided they would elope back to Scotland for their wedding. With Amanda’s family having to fly halfway across the world they saw it as only fair that Greigs family and friends whos travel within Scotland. So they chose the beautiful modern yet rugged GGs Yard down in Dumfries & Galloway.

They came over a month before the big today to get everything organised and in place and took the time to do an engagement shoot. Took us three tries due to some terrible luck and weather but paid off in the end with an amazing shoot. The wedding day finally arrived and after the weather had been awful for weeks prior to the big day they were in for a shock. The sun was blistering above the horizon at dawn as we drove out to GGS Yard so we knew we were in for a great day.

As Amanda, accompanied by her Dad came down the Aisle you could see the emotion in Greigs eyes. They turned to face each other and you could tell they were truly in love. They had an amazing ceremony conducted by

Humanist David Smith. After the ceremony despite the bitter wind, but with a lovely tartan shawl and whiskey in hand we made our way up to the hilltop for their couples sessions. The ferns had begun0 to die back leaving them the most vibrant orange colour which tied in with the glow from the setting sun and the vista out looking the sea made for the perfect backdrop.

Been a real pleasure getting to know Amanda and Greig and like all my couples, they feel like close friends rather than just clients. Thank you for letting me be apart of your Australian Scottish Elopement Wedding.



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