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After posting my message on a number of different pages and sites asking if any brides to be had any questions about the photography at their up and coming weddings. I recieved one incredible question from a Ms Stokes. She asked ;

”I have always liked the type of shot that is natural, but  would also liked some posed images too. Could you do this?

Every wedding I shoot has a great mixture of both natural photo journalistic moments as well as beautiful posed shots. This approach gives you a set of images that show balanced view of the big day.
My posed stylized shots are some of my favourites, having focused on fashion & editorial fashion at college I really fell in love with posing people. You will see from my images that they look incredibly natural which I think is the key to great posing. Sculptors have been posing subjects timelessly for centuries, and it’s something I hope to continue doing. My process of doing it is very relaxed and fun and once you see the end results you will using them all the time!

wedding couple dancing reportage dumfries
Couple dancing outdoors wedding.

A great way of trying this is to to have an ‘Engagement Session’ which we offer as part of our Gold & Diamond Packages. And is also available upon request for an additional cost with our Digital Package .

I hope this may answer a big question on many Brides mind.  I would like to thank Ms Stokes for her message and I hope to hear from more Brides as I plan to make this a weekly blog post. You can get in contact with me on a number of ways all available on my Contact Page here.

Thanks for your time.


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