Scottish Beach Elopement Wedding – Susannah & James

Susannah & James are very much the adventurous outgoing type and decided a Scottish beach elopement wedding would be perfect for them both.. James is a proud member of our Royal Air Force whilst Susannah is a Jewellery Maker to trade. They found the perfect little church to get married in, now I’m pretty certain this happens to be the smallest one in Scotland, Kirkandrews Kirk, I can only imagine you can fit about 30 people in maximum, it sits just a few hundred meters from the beautiful Solway coastline overlooking the Irish Sea. Susannah being a jewellery maker made the couples wonderful rings by hand and with James request of the embellishments made it much more personal to the couple. So we set off from where Susannah was getting ready and headed around the coast only to be greeted with what can only be described as a wall of Black. The dark clouds had truly set in and it began raining torrentially as Susannah and her Dad sat waiting in their Land Rover decided to make a break for it and ran full speed ahead up the steps to the Church. Luckily after about 10 minutes inside their lovely personal humanist ceremony the rain began to ease, the clouds broke and the glorious spring sunshine returned! We then made our way just a little further along the road to Carrick Bay, a beautiful, quiet beach where you really do feel you have the whole world to yourself for their couples pictures. Susannah knew exactly what to expect and brought along her rather dashing purple wellies and we spent the next hour with nothing but the sun, the sea and the love they both shared. My favourite detail of the day had to be the couples Landy which was their wedding car as they both love going off-roading in it and it looked the part!  

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  1. These elopement portraits make me really want to travel to Scotland (even more so than I already do). I love the pouring rain photographs – it really captured what an elopement can be in reality! Beautiful work.


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