Benefits of Real Estate Photography Dumfries – Great Photography Sells Houses!

In a dynamic world of economics nothing is quite as ”Safe as Houses”. Even in a buoyant market Bricks and Motor always has a value and wether your a real estate agent, a private seller or perhaps landlord having great images of the home your selling can really make the property stand out and help sell itself.

There are a number of benefits of real estate photography all with the ultimate goal – to sell your property!

1-  Images that will turn heads and get your property noticed!

With some estate agents opting for using their phones these types of  images can have a negative effect on the house your selling. They are typically very under-lit with not a great amount of detail making it harder for anyone looking at the images to get a true sense of the space. With all the tools at a property photographers disposal they help create a mood and feel for a space and how it all flows together that a phone simply cannot do, A professional image of the house will help the property stand out from all the other houses on the market increasing the chance of a sale.

2 – Integrating Professional Imagery as part of your Companies Brand.


As any estate agent knows, you may have to compete with other local companies to obtain listings. Professional Real Estate photography is an amazing tool for any Realter to help marketing their work to new clients.  A persons house is a huge investment for them. Using professional images helps you to establish consistency and professionalism in your company.

3 – Professional Real Estate Photography – Can take away the stress and save you time!

Your photographer can be an amazing way at saving you time, that can be used elsewhere. The photographer will shoot the property correctly make sure its all technically correct, edit and resize the images, provide you with the work that simply needs to be uploaded to your Website. They can also provide video tours of the property for an extra fee (great for your high end clients).

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TIP * Social Media is a great way for clients to engage with your business, view recent listings and convert a viewer into a potential buyer with little effort required.

To find out more how Hemera Visuals – Real Estate Photography based in Dumfries & Galloway can help you then get in touch.!

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