Newton Stewart Engagement Shoot | From the forest to forever after ! 

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth & Craig on their amazing Newton Stewart Engagement Shoot after a few weeks of careful planning. Ruth & Craig both stay together in Stranraer and were willing to travel to find the perfect location. So I instantly thought of Newton Stewart as its right in the middle for us both and at the beginning of the breathtaking Galloway Hills, we were in for a treat!

We decided on the Kirroughtree Visitor Centre in the Galloway Forest Park for the shoot. it had a ton of a woodland locations to choose from as well as they stylish new build of the visitor centre which gave a nice contrast between the modern world and the forest. Ruth and Craig also wanted to bring along their two Shih Tzus Minnie and Link along for the shoot, as they couldn’t come to their wedding as they have both decided to fly off and elope the the lovely Malta for their Wedding!

We all had a fantastic time of the engagement shoot, Minnie & Link were incredibility well behaved and very photogenic too! Brilliant couple very relaxed and I wish them all the best on their Wedding next month in Malta!

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