Hopes for 2016 – A Big Year.

We have just said goodbye to 2015 and hello to a brand new year. I would just like to take a quick second to say thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout 2015 including my friends, family, business friends and my clients. I could never have imagined how far I would have came in the last through years but there are definitely a lot of people in my life I have to thank!

I know some people have reservations on setting new years resolutions as they feel they are unattainable but as long as your goals are realistic and you have a plan on how to get there nothing in impossible. Here are a few of my hopes for 2016 as a year and towards the end of the year I will review this blog post to see how much I have achieved.

  • Continue to serve my clients to the fullest – Being a small business owner I would put customer service as my number one priority when serving my clients. I always try to do everything for my clients to ensure they have nothing but the most amazing experience with me, my photography tutor at College always told me your only as good as your last job and that’s something that’s stuck with me forever.
  • Network as much as possible with other local businesses and clients – I think one thing your never truly told when you set out on your own business journey for the first time is how important business relationships will be. So for 2016 I will be putting myself out there to create as many relationships with other local vendors and create long lasting relationships where we always have someone to turn to.
  • Shoot more personal work – One thing I tried to accomplish last year but didn’t manage to do it fully was shoot personal work so this years it’s very much on my radar. I love shooting fashion / editorial work it gives you so much creative freedom with the whole shoot and really helps show off my portfolio. I’m hoping to shoot at least 4/6 personal editorial shoots before the year is out! Below is a video for why your resolutions may fail but how you can ensure yours succeed!

What are your aspirations for 2016? Is there anything goals you want to set personal or work related? Please let me know your hopes for 2016!

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