Abi & Martin | Loch Skeen Scottish Elopement Photography

Abi and Martin have a story thats so worth sharing I couldn’t resist. The couple have been coming to Dumfries & Galloway for a few years now after falling in love with our areas natural beauty. Safe to say they have became hooked on D&G and come up for holidays whenever they can. Martin proposed to Abi at the top of Loch Skeen, which for anyone who doesn’t know is a Corrie Loch situated at the top of the iconic Greymares Tail Waterfall just outside Moffat. So when it came time to do their engagement shoot there was no where else that would come close so here are some beautiful Scottish Elopement Photography pictures for your enjoyment. So we set off from the carpark at the bottom of the Greymares Tail climbing for just over an hour to reach the foot of Lock Skeen, just in perfect time for golden hour. We had a brilliant time hiking through the heather, crossing the waterfall for an evening filled fun, laughter and a beautiful sunset! If your thinking about eloping to Scotland for an engagement shoot or your special day get in touch. www.facebook.com/hemeravisuals Stay Golden, Cameron.  

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