Food Photography – Food for thought!

Many businesses in the food and hospitality market could really benefit and boost their brand by using commercial food photography. I know of a lot of business across the world who you stock imagery for their online presence including on their social media, website and printing and promotional materials.

Below I would like to give you as a business owner, restaurant manager or marketing assistant some reasons why using bespoke imagery can help you get a bigger slice of the market (pun definitely intended!)

1 – Showcase your menu!

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Like most catering establishments you will have some amazing chefs and cooks producing mouthwatering menu’s that drive customers through the door, a chef and food photographer both have the same goal making that food look amazing. The images taken can be used in your social media campaigns as well and in any print and promotional materials, letting customers know just how amazing your food is!

 2- A chance to let people connect with your team and your brand.

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 From the front of house staff to the chefs in the kitchen everyone has a vital role to play to ensure your customers have an amazing experience and want to come back. Commercial photographers can also capture your team with some amazing portraits that help put a name to a face. You can also get amazing interior shots of your establishment to help reinforce your branding!

 3 – Stand out from your competition.

champagne food photography
With the catering marketing being very competitive using professional photographer will help set you apart from the rest of your competitors. Companies that use stock imagery are selling themselves short , whilst you will have amazing images of your produce that will keep your clients coming back through that door!

 Most businesses using the 80-20 rule (80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers)

 To find out how Hemera Visuals can help your business thrive with delectable, mouthwatering food photography get in touch today!

Thank you for reading!

Cameron Pagan – Hemera Visuals

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