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Edited Images vs Digital Negatives.


Edited Images vs Digital Negatives.

All of our packages include the digital negatives as part of our service. Many people have a misunderstanding about digital negatives are and what you can do with them. The guide below should help you understand the packages we offer.

What is a digital negative ?

The digital negatives you receive are very much film negatives of the past, small unedited images with a ton of potential! Digital negatives are much the same except they have had minor editing done to them, usually known as colour correction. One thing to point out is that digital negatives are not the final images you will see in my album, portfolio or blog posts. These images we present to the world have had editing and retouching.

Why would I want the digital files?

Many couples love to have these files as the feel a lot better about having a hard copy of their images from their big day also because they may wish to print some images themselves or they would like to share them online in social media such as facebook, instagram etc. You are welcome to do whatever you like with your negatives providing it falls under our usage agreement.

What can I not do with the Digital Negatives?

First and foremost, you cannot transfer or sell your usage agreement to anyone else. Only the bride and groom have permission to use the images. You also cannot make significant changes to the images we give you. Cropping and resizing are ok, but please leave the image editing to us – that’s what you pay us for! You also cannot sell digital files or prints of the images to anyone else.

We also ask that you do not send the files to wedding blogs, magazines, or your other vendors without speaking to us first. We love to share your images with the world (unless you ask us not to) and will do so for no extra charge. We only ask that you let us take care of this personally so that we may discuss our usage and credit policies with them.

When do we receive the files?

The digital negatives we supply you with come all together once all the photo services have been completed (albums prints etc.). We will share a few sneak peak images with your before hand and you require any images for announcements etc we will happily provide them for you. You will receive your digital files on a lovely presentation usb pen, but as we do here at Hemera Visuals. We strongly suggest you backing up your files encase you loose them or they become corrupted. There may be a fee for replacement of the digital files so please make sure you back them u! I would recommend you have at least two copies one hard copy (external harddrive, usb etc) and perhaps on cloud storage such as google drive or dropbox , both of which offer users a decent a month of space for free!

 Once I receive my digital negatives , do I own the copyright?

Unfortunately no. By law we as the photographer retain the copyright of every images we take. When you purchase any of our packages you receive the digital files as well as a usage agreement that gives you permission to use the images for certain purposes, for example making prints, posting on a website or for personal use. This release is specific to the bride and groom. If you wish to purchase full copyright to the images you can do so for an additional £2000, this includes what is known as a ‘Non Disclosure Agreement, meaning the photographer no longer holds and rights to any of your images in any way shape or form.

 What is the difference between printing through you and printing somewhere else?

The process that each image goes through before being printed can take hours, and is very skilled work, so we charge accordingly for this service. For this reason this is why there is a big price difference between taking a digital negative to your local tesco or any other one hour photo business and purchasing one from us. At these kinds of places they may offer you printing very cheaply but this is not a good thing. Your images will be printed of very low quality paper and ink; the computer makes automatic adjustments that will more often than not make your images a lot WORSE, rather than improving them. Prints you receive from us are printed at a professional photo lab (I use them for all my work including personal work!) We take the time to carefully retouch and tweak each image so that they print perfectly.

 What exactly is ‘editing’ of a photograph?

Editing images covers a truly vast range of techniques including white balance adjustments, removing imperfections, increasing contract, slimming down body parts, adding special effects including black and white conversions and colour grading. There is an endless list of possibilities, each images is unique.

Furthermore, each image can go through two different rounds of editing. The first round of editing is where we make minor tweaks to the image to make it presentable for what is known as ‘proofing’

It’s much easier to answer this question in a visually manner. In the following examples, the “unedited” photo is the image straight out of the camera, the “proof” photo is the photo after the first round of editing (this is the image that you would see in your proofing galleries, as well as the image you would receive with your digital negatives), and the “edited” photo is the image after extensive retouching work that we will use for prints, albums, canvases, etc (this is the image you would receive if ordering a print directly through us).

wedding image comparision edited images vs digital negatives.
Comparison of wedding images from images straight from camera, proofs you receive to a crafted edited image.

In the examples above it shows the ‘’unedited’’ image straight from the camera with no adjustment.
The ‘Proof’ image is the one you will see in your proofing gallery, this has had minor adjustments made. This will be image you will receive as your digital negatives. And lastly is an ‘edited’ image this one has had extensive retouching and editing work. (These are the images that would be used for prints, albums and canvases).

I hope this sheds some light on what the difference between these images are. If you have any further questions then please get in touch , I’d be happy to answer them here is my contact page.

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