Rebecca & Dom Engaged | Blossoms, Breathtaking , Bowtie’s

I think anyone who knows me well will tell you how much I love engagement session. Rebecca & Dominic’s session was no different at all! After what had seemed to be a year we would never get to take our jackets off Spring finally came to Dumfries all be it a month or so late, but not to worry it really made for some FANTASTIC images. Rebecca & Dominic chose Mabie Forest as they love taking their Dog (Charlie) to the forest for long walks together, which made it the perfect idea to not leave Charlie out of the fun! The couple had known each other for many years before they both became an item and last October Dominic proposed to Rebecca in their home just before they embarked on a holiday together and of course she said YES! We spent the morning walking through Mabie Forest getting lots of pictures of them for their engagement shoot, the forest has a tone of amazing locations to shoot in from bluebell woodlands to boardwalk ponds and much more you can get alot of different looks! After spending the morning with the couple you really get a sense of how much they care for each other (and Charlie!) They both laugh so much and interact so easily and their love shows through in their images so genuinely! Both were incredibly well dressed with their outfits matching perfectly and not to forget Charlie sporting a rather dapper bow-tie just to complete the ensemble. I think you will all be able to see from the images below how much fun we all had on the shoot, it is one I shall remember for a long time to come! dumfries engagement photoshoot mabie dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie09 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie07 dumfries engagement photos mabie   dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie19 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie22 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie21 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie24 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie28 dumfries engagement photoshoot mabie dumfries engagement photoshoot mabie dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie32 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie31 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie29 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie30 dumfries-engagement-photoshoot-mabie38spring-bloom-blossom-tree

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