Happy New Year everyone, I’m Cameron Pagan owner of Hemera Visuals. Dumfries Commercial Photographer. We specialise in Commercial & Wedding Photography. We pride ourselves in offering tailor made solutions to fit all our clients needs. I created the post to highlight the role of professional photography in your business, and what it can do for you.

Hiring a professional photographer to produce the images for your company may initially seem like a luxury rather than a necessity. But it actually makes very sound business sense. You can present your products or services in a new way, inject them with personality, and really differentiate yourself from others in your market.

Having great images on your website/social media pages does more than simply make it look nice. It helps to build an overall picture of your brand and makes your website looks more relevant, professional and appealing. It helps to encourage clients to engage with your company as well as share the site on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter boosting and it makes your photographs unique to you. In December 2014 Instagram (Images Sharing Social Media App) just overtook twitter with over 300 million active monthly user and at the heart of this application is great content and pictures!

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We offer a wide range of commercial photography to all businesses. From creative corporate head shots and people profiles, stand out product photography & brilliant advertisements and interior & exterior architecture shots of your building to name a few. So if your looking to boost your brand and company with more customers and present your business in the best possible light in 2015 and beyond, think about investing in professional photography.

Hemera Visuals have you covered for your Dumfries Commercial Photography Needs, call or e-mail us now to arrange an appointment.

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