Commercial Photography can take your business to new heights in 2016!

With alot of businesses of all sizes now using they’re smart phones to take images for the business and some not using any images at all here are three fantastic reasons why using Commercial Photography can get you ahead of your competition and in front of your clients!

1 – Social Media is taking over.

No one can deny the huge importance Social Media on all companies marketing and persona. Posting photos on your Social Media is the best way to get more attention from your fans as it’s statistically proven people engage more with images than text. But the key thing to take away from this that not all images will gather the same kind of engagement.

Images should be carefully chosen an thought out whether it’s a series of images that tell an overall story for your brand or perhaps a behind the scenes look at your company. Having a clear Social Media strategy should definitely now consider commercial photography that’s relevant to you and your business and will be interesting to your target audience.interior architecture photography

2 – Providing your business with relevant imagery.

I know there is a certain temptation to use stock photography on your website, social media or in your printed material as it is a cheaper alternative to hiring a commercial photographer to provide you with specific content images. One thing to consider with stock is that it always looks like stock photography very impersonal (you just need to have had a spam link for a website pop up to see people using stock to try and give pages credibility only for it do to the exact opposite.

A great commercial photographer can help you create tailor-made images from concept to creation for use in your business. Providing you with such types of photography as Interior and Exterior Building Shots, Product and Advertisements and lifestyle images that tie in with your business values to name a few. These can be used anywhere you like in your business, your social media, website and your print and promo materials.

3 – An investment that can really pay off.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and as discussed in above people are much more likely to engage with images opposed to text only. Some businesses might be skeptical about spending money on a commercial photographer but it should be seen as an investment rather than a purchase. You only have to look at some of the worlds best brands (great place to get ideas from is there social media accounts!) to find that they are all invested in great photography. It can provide a sense of commitment, professionalism and class to your business and products.

Do you have any questions about commercial photography and how it can boost your business in 2016? Then get in touch!

Cameron Pagan

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