Canon 6d Review : One Year On.

Last year I decided that it was time for a body upgrade for my Camera System, I have shot crop sensors for most of my time in photography (with the odd medium format day) and felt I really needed to upgrade to a Full Frame sensor with canons new chip it was between two bodies a 6d or a 5d MK3 and with £1000+ in price difference I chose to go with the 6d. So here is my Canon 6d Review after having the body for just over a year.

The Canon 6d is a very lightweight body, great battery life and offers a ton of amazing features including the new upgrade chip that allows for much better shooting in low light conditions compared to my old 60d which for weddings was such a massive advantage. The full frame gives me much more options in tighter spaces and with my 60d as a backup I can still use my 70-200 as a much longer lens.

canon 6 d review

The only features I felt it lacked was a lack of extra autofocus points unlike the 5d and dual card slots. But I feel for shooting weddings and commercial work this made no difference at all. One final note is I felt it could be better was with its sync speed and shutter speed, so for anything fast moving including the occasional time I shoot sports I will stick to using my old 60d which is still fantastic for this.

For the price I think that the 6d is a fantastic Camera to add to any pro photographers bag. I also really like that despite being the cheaper model compared to the 5d the Canon 6d has its own built it micro focus adjustment which is perfect and a money saver meaning I don’t have to send them off to a specialist company to be re calibrated as often.

My final words on the Camera are that it is an amazing Camera for any wedding photographer or Commercial Photographer. If you are the kind of user who is perfect looking to shoots wildlife/sports I would suggest a 60d or if your very keen a 1d.

To find out more visit Canons Website.

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