5 Artists to listening to whilst editing.

I find myself more often than not Image Editing at my mac, whether it be a wedding clients album, commercial catalogue work or perhaps even a personal project we today as digital photographers increasingly find ourselves in front of a computer screen a lot of the time. I wish we could all go back into the darkroom as much as we used to and come out hours later trying different techniques and hands stinking of fixer and developer.

 I feel that I listen to a ton of music whilst Image Editing on many different platforms including YouTube & Spotify. I have compiled a small list of some amazing artists that may just help you burn the midnight oil getting those portrait images edited for print or perhaps putting the final touches to your clients wedding album.

  1. Massive Attack – are an English trip hop group formed in 1988 in Bristol, If you’ve never heard of massive attack I’m sure you will have heard of a lot of there work which over the years has featured in many commercials and adverts to date including ‘Teardrop’ ‘Unfinished Symphony’ and ‘Angel’.
  1. Lucero are and American Country Punk Rock band based in Memphis Tennessee , United States. Lucero’s sound has been described as a “synthesis of soul, rock, and country that is distinctly Memphisian, with beautiful songs for long summer night’s including ‘little silver heart’ she’s just that kind of girl’ and my favourite ‘tears don’t matter much’

  1. First Aid Kit is a Swedish Folk Klara Söderberg sings and plays guitar. Her older sister Johanna sings backing vocals and plays keyboards. After that they have achieved world wide fame with their harmonious singing and country & folk influenced songs, being in 2015 nominated by Brit Awards as one of the five best international groups. Some of my favourite songs include ‘Wolf ‘ and ‘Stay Gold’.

  1. Funeral for a Friend are a Welsh post-hardcore band from Wales, formed in 2001. A band I have listened to since I was a teenager with there first EP ‘Four Ways to Scream Your Name. They display evidence of remarkable young band who, on their debut full-length release, established a sound that continues to define an entire generation.

  1. 60’s rock & blues. – I suppose I have my dad to thank for getting me into a lot of different 60’s sounds I remember hunting through all his old LP’s when I was younger. A few amazing artist’s and groups I would recommend to anyone are The Cream, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Mama’s and Papa’s, Bob Dylan, Kinks, Stones and Hendrix.

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